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Grass-irrigating Project for Mengniu Aust-Asia Model Dairy Farm

     Mengniu Grass-irrigating Project is outfitted for Mengniu Aust-Asia Model Dairy Farm. In the project, advanced grass-irrigating techniques and sprinklers are adopted. It has become the first-class modern grass-irrigating project in the world, which is quite technique-advanced, highly automatic and various. So it is a typical model project suit for visiting and sightseeing.

     It covers an area of 7,000 Mu, i.e. 1200 Acres for planting grass.



   Mengniu Grass-irrigating Project supplies water source for planting grass. The irrigators and other facilities are advanced, model, and practical.

   1. Model grass-irrigating area

    It is good for visiting and sightseeing. We have outfitted and installed the most advanced irrigators, such as Center-pivot Irrigation Machine, Linear-move Irrigation Machine, Liner-rolling Irrigation Machine, Hose-reeling Irrigation Machine, and so on. Most of these machines are introduced from Europe, America, Australia, or Asia.


   2. Ordinary planting area of grass, corn and other green crop

    Four kinds of irrigation machines are applied. For the small farm, small irrigation machines are used, such as small water-saving irrigators, moving pipes, half-moving pipes, fixed pipes, or the combination of them. It is quite practical and economical.

   In the Mengniu Grass-irrigating Project, the sewage is used as liquid fertilizer. So it has settled the pollution problem. Meanwhile, we can supply grass for milk cows. So a good circulation in the farm is formed.




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