Product Introduction

    ——Schematic Diagram of Circular Economy in Dairy Farm

Flow-chart of CHP in Biogas Project
Technical Service of Calibrating Biogas Controller

    In the dairy farm, it will come up with a large number of cow dung and sewage, while yielding milk.Through large-scale biogas project, not only the dung and sewage will be treated harmlessly with nothing emission, but also the energy  and resources be reclaimed and recycled, such as electricity power, slurry, solid biogas residue and so on. Moreover, the electricity power can be transmitted to state grid, waste heat can be used for heating, slurry and solid biogas residue can be used as fertilizer for planting organic grass and then for feeding cows, organic milk can be processed to organic dairy. Then there will be a good circulation, in which  dairy-producing, cow-breeding, dung & sewage-disposing, generating and grass-planting are combined.

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